Piasecki Water Resources Consulting is an owner based Consulting firm in Blue Bell, PA. Whether your project requires forensic assessment of storm event impacts, or needs a hydrologic assessment of catchments and watersheds, you are interested in finding ecologically sustainable solutions to watershed management, or you seek to deploy sensors and need a data management system for it, our team of experts can provide the answers and solutions you are looking for. We seek to deliver and provide consistent and timely service and use our subject matter expertise to also tackle off-the-beaten- track and unusual projects.

Forensic Watershed Hydrology

Flooding events are often a nuisance at best and catastrophic at worst. We help in investigating what caused the damage by characterizing the flooding events as they evolve over time at specific locations. We deploy detailed models for the location of interest that are informed via the latest data on topography, rainfall events, land cover and soil characteristics in addition to the built environment such as rainfall drains, stormwater sewers, and retention basins.

Environmental Data and Sensors

Obtaining a detailed view of environmental state variables is important for both regulatory and scientific purposes to better understand the world we live in. Sensor deployment and the resulting increase of data volume is expected to grow exponentially in the future. We install hydro climatological sensor stations and provide a complete package from sensor to data management system for our customers using open source appliances for our database and access portals.

Sustainable Water Resources

Water is one of the most precious resources we have and consequently must be protected from overuse and pollution. Preservation for our future generations is a challenge in view of increasing populations and competing demands, which is especially true in less developed countries. We use sophisticated numerical models and in-the field measurements to assess both Water Quality and Water Resources Management problems in the developing world.